3 Main Reasons Why I Went Vegan

By on March 21, 2016

One of the most popular asked questions when I decided to go vegan was “why”? Going vegan is a big life change and it’s understandable that people would ask that question. No more cheese pizzas, no more ice cream and no more scrambled eggs. When I went vegan I realized that I received a lot even though I gave up a lot.

Going vegan helps you to lose weight, lower blood pressure and usually means you increase the amount of healthy foods you eat. Not every vegan diet is healthy, but if you follow a whole foods plant-based way of eating, you will feel incredible benefits of this lifestyle. Greens, fruit, grains, legumes and seeds make for an amazing way to eat and you will quickly see and feel the health benefits.

There are so many reasons I went vegan, but here are the three main reasons.

1.Dairy products were not agreeing with me
Many people have a difficult time digesting dairy whether they know it or not. I could tell that after eating pizza or any meal that was full of dairy, I would have digestion and stomach issues. Now that I no longer consume dairy, I feel wonderful. Casein, an animal protein found in cow’s milk and used in products from cheese and protein supplements to paint and glue, has been found to cause cancer. Extensive research proves that casein, when found in excess of humans’ need for protein, causes a wide range of cancers. Casein makes up about 87 percent of cow’s milk.

2.I was not comfortable eating meat
Some people go vegan for ethical reasons and I am one of them. From a young age I felt uncomfortable eating meat. When I finally decided to cut it out completely and forever, I felt more at ease.Cholesterol, fat (especially saturated fat), and animal protein are the major culprits in meat that are associated with higher risks of heart disease, diabetes, and some cancers. They are also associated with the development of the many risk factors that lead to these diseases, including obesity and hypertension.

3.It kept me from mindless snacking
Sure, eating vegan doesn’t mean you don’t have any unhealthy snacks to eat, but it definitely means you have less to choose from. Many times I would get really hungry and choose snacks that were not good for me. Going vegan means a lot more planning ahead so instead of making the choice of what to eat when you are starving, you are already prepared.

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