Body Detoxification- Cleansing Your Body Naturally

By on March 23, 2016

What is detoxification? Why is it Important?
Detoxification is a procedure that helps cleanse the body and remove toxins that affects the normal functioning of the cells and organs of the body. Naturally the body is designed to cleanse itself and eliminate harmful toxins that may cause harm to it, but because we are exposed to so many harmful chemical and toxins every day, the body can’t’ get rid of it all. Some of the toxins that we encounter everyday are air pollution, food additives, cigarette smoke, chemical products and radiation from television, computer, and x-ray exposure.

Before advance technology was introduced to mankind, none of these harmful elements are present. The body is able to perform its tasks properly. When these things arrived, the body got overwhelmed, it tried to cope up with the changes, but it exerted more energy and effort to remove these toxins from the body. These changes in bodily processes affect the normal functioning of other bodily systems. Because of this, the body can experience stress, fatigue, weight gain, digestive problems, weak immune system, and insomnia.

Through the process of body detox, fatigue and tiredness can go away. You will feel rejuvenated, more alert, awake, and enthusiastic. You will experience a clean sensation, as you are cleansed internally. Your body’s cleansing action will also spend less time on the process, so other body functions can also operate well.

 Stages of the Detox Process
Clearing Stage-During this phase foods that are unhealthy and allergenic in nature are removed from the diet. Then adequate nutritional supplement is introduced gradually. This is a preparation for the vigorous detox stage.

Vigorous Detoxification Stage- In this phase diet is centered on foods that are important in the detoxification process, and nutritional supplements are also increased.

Reintroduction  of  Food-  nutritional  supplementation  is  decreased  gradually,  while normal regular diet is slowly introduced.

Popular Detox Programs 
There are lots of detox programs that you can choose from. Here are some popular detoxification diets to try:

 Liver Cleanse Diet- This detox program is designed to cleans the liver, improve metabolism and lose weight. It aims to reduce the workload of the liver and improve its overall function.

Fat Flush Diet- This is a 2-week detox program, designed to help people lose weight. It also cleanses the liver and lymph from unhealthy fats.

Raw Food Diet- This type of detox is also considered as a lifestyle regimen, and it is also known as “raw foodism” or “rawism”. In this regimen most food eaten are raw fruits and vegetables. Some of the staple foods in this diet are seaweeds, whole grains, nuts, beans and sprouts.

Martha’s Vineyard Diet Detox- this is a safe detox and weight loss program that can help you lose weight in 21 days. It also improves digestion, metabolism, and overall health.

Master  Cleanse  or  Lemonade  Diet-  This  body  detox  was  developed  by  Stanley Burroughs, for weight loss and body cleansing. This program makes use of an elixir made from a combination of lemon juice, maple syrup, cayenne pepper, and filtered water.

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