Can I Really Lose Weight with Hypnosis?

By on March 7, 2016

Is hypnosis one of the best natural ways to lose weight? According to many researchers and studies when hypnosis is part of a weight loss program and is accompanied with exercise and eating healthy, it helps to achieve desirable results. Hypnosis is an attention focusing technique that may not be widely acknowledged yet and still a best kept secret but it is starting to become more popular.

Inhale then exhale. Repeat. Then take a long deep breath. Shut your eyes. Now imagine and visualize the overbearing food cravings vanishing into thin air. Imagine yourself reaching for fruits and vegetables to snack on rather then chips, ice cream or cookies. Find a way to see yourself feeling satisfied after eating nutritious food. Your body and mind will thank you for getting all of these vital nutrients and weight loss will become an added bonus.

This whole hypnosis thing sounds wonderful but what actually happens in a session? Hypnotherapists believe that you have everything inside of you that you need to succeed in any challenge. Losing weight is possible, but first you have to go inside and let go of any false beliefs that your subconscious has been carrying around for your whole life. Our subconscious minds are a dangerous thing. The subconscious mind is powerful, ambitious and stubborn. If you think bad or negative thoughts, your subconscious mind acts on them. But if you think positive reaffirming thoughts, your subconscious mind acts on them. Remember, the choice is always yours. Choose the positive. Unfortunately, most of us are programmed from early childhood to think negative, self-defeating thoughts so this may take some work and time. Many of us have seen people struggle with their weight in a negative light and the struggles have entered our subconscious.
You’ve got to get the idea in your head that you will be able to lose weight if you want to reach your weight loss goals.

Hypnotherapists work like positive reinforcements and do their best to get positive ideas in your head and all the while pushing the negative ones out. They suggest creating mantras that speak to you. Repeat these mantras daily and you will see results and change your subconscious mind.

Next comes visualization. Picture yourself at the size you are hoping to be and visualize a well-stocked fridge of healthy and nutritious food. Silently repeating a mantra or positive self-talk can help to transform your eating.

Hypnosis helps to create awareness. Awareness of why you eat what you do and how do break through self-sabotaging patterns that make every diet fail. It’s not about dieting, it’s about getting your mind and body to a place of craving healthy food that will in turn help you lose weight and get to your ideal size.

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