Keeping it Simple, Kareena and Katrina Style

By on March 18, 2016

“I eat only simple Indian home food – sabzi, roti, dal, chawal, ghee. There are so many benefits of having ghee. My grandmother is 84 and she is still fit and looks beautiful,” shared Kareena in one of her recent interviews. “One should eat everything especially healthy and not junk food. I don’t like the idea of starving. I would eat and burn it out in gym. The amount of intake is what matters,” she added.

Indian actresses have started making the concept of “dieting” and “weight loss” a healthier option for today’s youngsters. I remember when I was young, I believed in all sorts of fad diets. Not that they didn’t work, but now when I look back, I realise the kind of harm they did to my body. In my late 20s, I have now started looking at “dieting” as eating a healthy and balanced meal (with occasional cheat days).

Indian actresses like Kareena and Katrina have shown the country obsessed with tiny waists that going healthy is the right way to go. Both of them have gone through their weight ups and downs like normal women do and both are known to work on their size based on the roles they get. Kareena worked out and changed her diet to fit into a bikini in Tashan while Katrina fit perfectly well as an athletic Pakistani spy in Ek Tha Tiger.

Both Kareena and Katrina are known to be disciplined, are regular to the gym, and are addicted to yoga. Yoga has for a long time been considered boring and slow. Before Katrina got hooked to yoga, she thought it was boring too. “I think when you work out, you should feel like you are working out, not like you are sleeping,” she had said. “I thought it would be very boring basically, that is my picture of yoga you know, slow movements, breathing and all that.” But a chance trip to a yoga class with a friend changed her mind. “Yoga is so much more than what I know for sure but I think there is a side of yoga that most people do not know, which is this side. I feel it’s very energetic. It’s something that a lot of people who go to the gym will enjoy,” she says. Similarly, Kareena is known to start her day with Suryanamaskars.

With these actresses stepping in and changing the notion of fitness, yoga is one of the most popular workout regimes of young Indian women. Women take their eating habits seriously and even though multitasking throughout the day, they make sure that they find those few hours to burn it out and keep themselves fit.
Simple food, healthy lifestyles, and a happy exercise routine is what keeps the two top Indian actresses sexy and fit.

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