The simplest way to lose weight is called 5:2

By on March 25, 2016
5:2 diet India

As me, you simply enjoy good food a little to much, and you are not as physically active as you should. The extra kilos has been sneaking on for some time. You are not motivated for dramatic dieting, but realize things has to change. You need to lose some weight. “5:2” was the game changer for me, and could obviously be it for you. The good thing is – It’s easy.

5:2 made simple

The method is clear: for 2 days every week – restrict the calorie intake to 500 calories (women) or 600 calories (men). The two days should not be consecutive. On the two eating-less-days you should also wait at least 8 hours between 2 of the meals, to achieve a fasting effect, beneficial for your system.


I lost 18 kg in 6 months time -easily.

Yes, I’m a very tall guy, but 116 kg was still much out of range. I’m still far from skinny but the difference really makes the difference.

I don’t care so much about the word “diet”, not to mention “fasting”.
I am tired of hearing people tell I am dieting or fasting. It sounds to dramatic. It sounds like a lot of pain.

So, this is how I like to look at it: I simply eat less 1-2 days a week. (yes just one day is enough for me now – to prevent the grams to sneak back on). The benefit is I can eat the way that feels normal the other days, since I look at a week as a unit – not each day.

500-600 calories – so how much food is that? Do I have to start calculate calories now?

-Yes, kind of. But don’t worry. A slice of bread is 90 calories, a slice of cheese is 50 and a tomato is 15. It will hardly change, so you don’t have to weight it and calculate more than once. The process of calculating for your favorite food, will create an awareness that you bring with you also on the days you eat as normal.

It’s enough to be just a little smart – just enough to get a little knowledge.

(If we were very smart or had a lot of knowledge, I guess we wouldn’t need 5:2 in the first place)

Let me give you an example of useful knowledge: an egg is 75 calories if you boil it or dry-fry it, but 180 if you fry it in butter/oil. Potato chips is horribly 550 calories per 100 gram, so your sub conscience will keep it in mind – even on the eat-as-normal-days.

My 5:2 menu on the eat-less-days

My routine has been pretty boring, since I haven’t taken time to calculate to much, so this is one of the favorites.

Breakfast: 150 calories
1 slice of bread with cheese, topped with some salad and salt. (the picture on top is actually one of them, when prepared by our maid in Goa :-))

Dinner: 350 calories
A normal portion of baked white fish with mushrooms, spring onion and lemon. Served with a generous portion of raw vegetables as carrot, and cabbage. Mmmmmm.

Evening meal: 100 calories
A portion of Strawberry or Raspberry.

So, it’s not exactly starving. Agree?

I prefer having breakfast, then wait until dinner, and have the late night berries -not to go hungry to bed. You have to find out what’s best for you. One guy I know have breakfast and lunch – and then nothing the rest of the day.

Motivate yourself like this:

Yes. You will feel some hunger or discomfort at some time during the day. Then think of that as a sign you are losing weight and your body is in repair mode. It’s worth it -for you and your family. It’s just until tomorrow morning and you are back to normal eating. You can surly do that.

All the best.

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