The Beatles also felt good in India

By on March 8, 2016

In 1968 the Beatles went to India to attend a meditation training session at the Ashram of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. Their visit to India was part of a very productive period in their lives. They were able to change western civilization’s attitude towards Indian spirituality and traditions. Maharishi Mahesh died 40 years after the Beatles left India. Their time in India seemed to have taken them out of a creative rut. They were at the meditation training session learning to be teachers. Maharishi is said to have had a greater effect on the Beatles than they had on him.

For the Beatles India was a turning experience for them. They made big changes after the trip. Meditation opened up the creative field of energy surrounding them. Scientists have proved that meditation can stimulate creativity and intelligence.

There are many stories that were circulated regarding the Maharishis fame. Some say that the Beatles visit to India to join in his Transcendental Meditation practice helped him with publicity for the practice. The problem with that is the fact that the publicity was so negative. Maharishi Mahesh Yogi was criticized by John Lennon; he wasn’t being promoted for the benefits of meditation.

It is said that Maharishi Mahesh never held any ill feelings towards the Beatles. In fact it is said that he opened their hearts and minds to better things. The Beatles trip to India was a great turning point for them. They studied with Maharishi in India for several weeks learning his transcendental meditation techniques. It was later said that years later Lennon called Maharishi Mahesh in India and apologized for his blatant disrespect for him and the accusations of improprieties.

Still the meditation process introduced by Maharishi certainly was not “made” by the Beatles. He founded the life transforming benefits of meditation on the empirical ground of science. He has even been tagged “the Einstein of consciousness”. After the Beatles trip to India in 1968, their lives were changed forever. One would say that Maharishi’s practice opened them up to a world of creativity. They were able to consciously look at the world around them and see people and places for what they were. They were able to gain creativity in their profession, coming out with more songs than they would even know what to do with.

The Beatles went to India because they felt they need a change. They wanted to be productive and they wanted to feel like all of the work they had done was going to be noticed. Meditation offered them a chance to feel good, to take, a break, and to release their inner-creativity. India was their turning point in life and in some sense it made them who they were and are today. The Beatles will go down in history as a music group that brought joy and love into music. They were a turning point for a new era of roc and roll and an influence to America. The Beatles will always be part of history!

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