What’s The Positive Effect Of Meditation?

By on March 10, 2016

Self realized gurus recommend everyone to practice meditation in this age of chaos, quarrel, and confusion. It is a spiritual activity practiced since time immemorial. Meditation is highly recommended for various reasons but the ultimate benefit of the practice is enlightenment and self –realization. It is an easy way to achieve liberation, and it is highly suggested for people in this age- people who are always disturbed and in anxiety.
The practice is not only about peace of mind and stress relief, it’s all about understanding who you are, what’s your position, your essence and purpose in this world. Meditation is actually a broad topic to discuss. It’s a precious method offered to everyone, it doesn’t matter what your age, gender, religion or sect is. Overall, you can achieve great knowledge through the practice of meditation.

The Positive Effects of Meditation

•Meditation relieves stress. Stressors are virtually everywhere and living a demanding life subjects you to a lot of stress. Stress can be both positive and negative. Positive when it drives you to perform better and work well. Negative when it affects your performance, thinking and daily living negatively. Unfortunately many people experience negative stress, and this is detrimental for the mind and body. People who experience so much stress can eventually breakdown- mentally and physically. But through the practice of meditation you will experience a sense of relief from all the troubles and anxieties of life.

•Meditation can help you know your real identity. There are people who live purposeless lives and go about their daily activities without actually knowing where to go, and what to prepare for in the future. Through the practice of meditation you will be able to see life in a different perspective. You will be able to know who you really are, that you are spirit in essence. Just like how the Sanskrit phrase goes “Aham Brahmasmi”, meaning, “I am spirit”.

•Meditation makes you happy. Through meditation you can achieve blissfulness or “ananda”. The happiness that meditation offers is something that is not passing or temporary. It’s different from the ones experienced from watching TV, or eating delicious treats. The happiness that it offers is a higher form, and it can actually fill emptiness and lack of purpose in life.

•Meditation helps you learn to control your monkey mind. The mind can be very rebellious, and having a constant flow of thoughts and ideas can be draining and overwhelming. Through meditation you can learn to tame your mind and learn to control it. You can also learn to empty it from flow of thoughts, worries, troubles, and anxieties. You can keep your mind healthy and it can be your best friend.

•Meditation helps cleanse your chakras. Chakras are gates found in the spine. If you have a clean a chakra you will experience positive effects such as good health, manifestation of real qualities, and achievement of transcendental knowledge.

Other Positive Effects of Meditation
•Helps treat insomnia.
•Helps manage depression and anxiety attacks.
•Good for the heart.
•Improves concentration, focus, and cognition.
•Helps maintain normal blood pressure levels.
•Positively influences mood, emotions, and behavior.
•Can help in weight loss.
•Improves overall health.

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